Insurance for Contractors

Whether you work in residential, commercial, or industrial sectors or all of them, you require strong affordable solutions and a team to support you while you are growing your business.

Setting up an insurance policy is only a part of the solution to safeguard your business.

How can you meaningfully impact your cost of insurance?

Claims and lack of proper risk control measures are the largest drivers of insurance cost increases.

The only way to differentiate your business in this space is to become ‘best in class’ at managing your risk. Insurance policies become contingency plans and actively managing your risk is a primary activity. Every insurance solution has a complimenting risk control activity.

Risk Control Strategies

We will work with you to set up insurance policies customized to your specific needs, but we don’t stop there. Insurance policies should act as backstops, supplemented by strong risk control solutions. The best insurance claims are the ones that never happen.

  • Cyber risks including ransomware, denial of service attacks, privacy breaches, is a quickly emerging threat to businesses of all sizes. We provide pre-loss Cyber training to staff members addressing real and emerging cyber threats – 90% of cyber-attacks come via email,
  • HR Toolkits, plans & policies to keep your team focused on your vision and help you continue to be an employer of choice. With #MeToo and COVID, employee legal action against employers has jumped dramatically,
  • Workplace safety and compliance plans and policies to keep you compliant with ever-changing customer needs.

We can support you with …

Insurance Solutions

  • Equipment insurance for tools that go with you to the job site,
  • General Liability insurance to protect you and your business from lawsuits arising from mistakes or baseless allegations,
  • Pollution Coverage Contractors Pollution insurance protects contractors against claims made by others including governmental bodies for release or escape of pollutants during your operations causing environmental damage (including related defense defence costs). Alberta legislation makes companies and individuals involved in pollution spills or other events accountable corporately and personally. Pollution events pierce the protection afforded by incorporation, putting the assets of owners, directors, and officers at risk of seizure to satisfy polluter pay legislation,
  • Employment Practices Liability offers protection from employee lawsuits for wrongful termination, failure to promote, harassment whether actual or alleged, and more,
  • Director’s & Officer’s Liability owners, board members, and officers of corporations are increasingly held accountable for their business decisions and organizational culture. Whether a competitor alleging interference, an investor looking to recoup a loss or an action brought by a governmental body, officers of private companies are at risk today in ways they never were in the past,
  • Surety / Bonding to satisfy contract requirements of government and larger projects,
  • Cyber Insurance to protect your systems, your data, and that of your employees and customers,
  • Automobile insurance to ensure you stay on the road even when your vehicle cannot and make sure you have adequate protection so an error in judgment on the road doesn’t impact your company. Automobile liability exposures are often the most significant risks facing organizations,
  • Employee Benefits & Health Care Spending programs help you stay competitive as an employer of choice,
  • Group and Individual Personal insurance programs for you, your family, and your team,
  • Partner, Key Person, Critical Illness, and other Life Insurance solutions protecting you, your partners, and your business.

We Can Help!

Thor Insurance and Financial is a locally owned Northern Alberta insurance and benefits brokerage with roots going back to 1979. Our management team has over 100 years of commercial insurance experience, which we leverage to serve our commercial and industrial clients … Local Access, Global Reach.

Running and growing a successful business is complicated. We partner with companies like yours to support the areas of your business you don’t have time to become an expert in. No “cookie-cutter” insurance policies; we work with our clients in a holistic fashion to create solutions. In addition to insurance and employee benefits solutions, we offer

  • Financial Planning, Tax and Succession Advice,
  • Business Continuity Planning and Business Interruption analysis,
  • Key Person and Life Insurance solutions,
  • Cyber Risk Assessments, pre-loss staff training and post-loss remediation,
  • Human Resources solutions ranging from Safety Manuals, Employee Manuals, customizable Employment Contracts,
  • Risk control support and development of documentation such as Spill Response plan and Drug & Alcohol policies, Fleet management guides,
  • Group & VIP Personal Insurance,
  • Surety/Bonding,
  • Online Registry, renew your fleet registration from the comfort of your computer.