Group Benefits


We offer a full suite of group benefits advisory and brokerage services. From a full assessment of risk for your business or not for profit organization, a discovery process to identify your goals and benefit objectives. Followed by a detailed review/audit of your current programs including recommendations going forward to ensure the suitability, sustainability, and ultimate success of all your benefits programs.

• Services include annual renewal presentation of plan performance and negotiated rates. 80% of renewals we present will include negotiated and revised rates from what the insurance carrier initially recommended. This is our commitment to ensure that you’ll always receive fair and equitable treatment from the insurer with us as your benefits broker.

• Quarterly- 6-month and 9-month claim loss ratio reports.

• Plan administration guides and support including plan admin liability assessment and elimination.

• Assistance with employee communications including an in house developed employee guide to assist plan members with navigating their benefits and having a full understanding of all the insurance, health and wellness products available to them.

• Full access for your Employees and plan members to Thor’s Financial Coaching and Advisory services.

• Free and complimentary subscription to “Connects us HR” online library of over 250 Human resource Templates. Includes personal consultations with an HR professional when required.

•  Additional value-added HR manuals and templates. Ie: Fleet management,  Safety Manuals, Cyber Security Manuals etc.

• In house managed Health Spending Accounts are often an essential component for any small business to reduce claim costs and rate fluctuations so often prevalent with group benefit programs for owner-operated small to medium size businesses.

• Specialized out of country business travel medical, dental, and evacuation programs to eliminate risk and liability associated with employees traveling abroad on company time.

Our service model, vast product shelf, and experience are second to none for group benefit. Solutions for any small to medium-size business.


There are many different group benefit coverages available to protect your employees against major risks. The main coverages offered include:


Every business faces the risk of unhappy employees. At Thor, we believe one of the best ways for an employer to attract and retain top talent is through a group benefits package. Although money is a significant incentive when hiring, group benefits provide employees with increased mental well-being and help maintain a positive work environment. Group benefits also preserve your employees’ health in the long-term, which will allow you to save money on the hiring process. Finally, benefits will increase employee morale and loyalty, which has been seen to increase employee productivity.

At Thor, we believe in providing your business with a group benefits policy that fits your needs. We provide you with risk management strategies and toolkits to help manage your exposures before a problem occurs. Please click the link to find attached resources that will help you manage your business’s risk.