Employment Practices Liability

With #MeToo and COVID, employee legal action against employers has jumped dramatically arising from constructive or wrongful dismissal, failure to promote, breaches of occupational health & safety legislation, and much more. Legal costs, time away from your business and reputational damage makes any employee litigation unpalatable.

Although you think of your team as family and believe that they would never sue you, lawsuits filed by employees are one of the most common causes of litigation for business owners. Such suits can be extremely costly. Regardless of whether you win the case or not, you are still paying for attorney’s fees and taking time away from your growing your business.


How can you meaningfully impact your cost of insurance?

Although a strong insurance policy can protect your business from employee legal actions, the best solution is avoidance, don’t allow employee litigation to impact your business. Claims and lack of proper risk control measures are the largest drivers of insurance cost increases.

The only way to differentiate your business in this space is to become ‘best in class’ at managing your risk. Insurance policies become contingency plans and actively managing your risk is a primary activity. Every insurance solution has a complimenting risk control activity.

Insurance & Risk Control Solutions

Employment Practices Liability (EPL) insurance provides protection to your organization from allegations of harassment, wrongful or constructive termination including costs to defend your company and funds for damages from successful suits. Even if you never lose a legal action, legal defense costs provided by this policy can make it a worthy investment.

However, the best insurance claim is the one that never happens. What tools can help you avoid legal action?

  • Strong policies and procedures – we make available to our clients, HR toolkits including employment contracts, handbooks, corrective action plans and more which can be expensive to source and implement. We partner with companies providing customizable solutions for small and mid-sized companies,
  • Employee Assistance Plans (EAP) and other Employee Benefit solutions can help you become an Employer of Choice. Employee stress is at an all-time high in these unprecedented times. Access to counseling and a vast array of other services can help employees who feel they are the end of their rope.

We Can Help!

Thor Insurance and Financial is a locally owned Northern Alberta insurance and benefits brokerage with roots going back to 1979. Our management team has over 100 years of commercial insurance experience, which we leverage to serve our commercial and industrial clients … Local Access, Global Reach.

Running and growing a successful business is complicated. We partner with companies like yours to support the areas of your business you don’t have time to become an expert in. No “cookie cutter” insurance policies; we work with our clients in a holistic fashion to find solutions. In addition to insurance and employee benefits solutions, we offer

  • Financial Planning, Tax and Succession Advice,
  • Business Continuity Planning and Business Interruption analysis,
  • Key Person and Life Insurance solutions,
  • Cyber Risk Assessments, pre-loss staff training and post loss remediation,
  • Human Resources solutions ranging from Safety Manuals, Employee Manuals, customizable Employment Contracts,
  • Risk control support and development of documentation such as Spill Response plan and Drug & Alcohol policies, Fleet management guides,
  • Group & VIP Personal Insurance,
  • Surety/Bonding,
  • Online Registry, renew your fleet registration from the comfort of your computer