Class 6 Motorcycle License Information

Class 6 License | Motorcycle Drivers


What you can use it for:

  • To drive a motorcycle or a moped.
  • To drive all motor vehicles under Class 5, for learning only.


What are the test requirements?

The minimum learning or licensing age is 16.


What is the cost for the Road Test? 



Additional Information:

Applicants that have already been issued a class 5 licence will require a class 6 knowledge test and road test. Clients who do not currently have any class of licence will enter the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) program and need to do a class 7 knowledge test* and vision screening. You must operate a motorcycle as a learner for a minimum of one year (please see Alberta’s Graduated Drivers Licence Program on this page). To exit the learner stage and become a probationary rider, you must write a class 6 knowledge test* and take a class 6 road test. To exit the GDL program you must hold a probationary licence for at least two years and pass an advanced road test.


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