Do you request Driver’s Abstracts for your drivers throughout the year?

You may have to request several Driver’s Abstracts over the year, we can make this easier for you.

Apply for Access to Motor Vehicle Information Regulation (AMVIR), which governs the use and disclosure of personal driving and motor vehicle information.

This allows you to request driver’s abstracts without having to fill out consent and intent forms every time you need to collect them.

Here are the forms you will require to setup your Alberta Motor Vehicle Information Regulation (AMVIR) and receive a Personal Unique Access Number (PUAN). This will allow you to have Thor Insurance & Registry pull abstracts for you.

Access to Motor Vehicle Information Regulation

Form REG3501 – click to open

Designate an Authorized Signing Officer (ASO) and a Contact Person (CP)

Contact Person is the person who does the driver abstract requests regularly. Service Alberta wants to ensure that requests are ‘authorized’ by an individual with signing authority for your organization. You can also designate a secondary contact if you wish as a backup.

Secondary Contact – To setup a secondary contact, you will need to include this blurb and that individual’s info in the Application request (Word) document

Please add a SCP <– include name, position, phone, fax and email for that person

Application for Access to Motor Vehicle Data

REG0145 – click to open

Enter company information. Specific fields have been completed

Under what section of the Access to Motor Vehicle Information Regulation (AMVIR) is your organization applying to receive information from the Alberta Government Motor Vehicles System (MOVES)?

5(1)(b)(iii) – (iii) to an employer or prospective employer of that person, for the purpose of determining that person’s suitability for employment, if the employer or prospective employer has a written authorization from that person authorizing the abstract to be released to the employer or prospective employer,

What information will your organization require from the Alberta Government Motor Vehicles System?  SDA (standard drivers abstracts) / CDA (commercial drivers abstract)

How will the information be used?  to meet our Driving safety standard and screen potential employees

AMVIR Request Letter

click to open

These first three documents will be mailed or faxed to


Registry Services, Data Access and Contract Management Unit (DACMU)
3rd Floor, John E. Brownlee Building, 10365 – 97 Street
Edmonton, AB T5J 3W7
Fax 780 664 5641

Service Alberta will respond to your request providing you with a PUAN number.

Abstract Request letter

click to open

Once your receiver your PUAN number from Service Alberta, you can request abstracts.

Do not include this document in the Service Alberta package, use this letter to request abstracts from our registry.

We discount our abstracts for our commercial clients.

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