Fleet Management

Running a fleet is one of the most challenging and risky parts of your business. Around 20% of workplace fatalities are motor vehicle related. Rules and regulations have placed more responsibility on companies, which puts company and directors personal assets are risk. At Thor we can help companies control this risk by helping putting procedures in place or provide free fleet manager toolkits and safety manuals or provide services through our Motor vehicle registries. Some Examples include:

Fleet registration- Have 10 or more commercial vehicles. We can switch you to fleet registration and process your registration renewal through email.

Driver Abstracts- Pull more then 20 abstracts a year? We can streamline your driver’s abstract procedure at a discount price.

Fleet Management Procedures- Cargo Management, Fleet Management procedures, Company wide Safety manuals, Employment forms (Employee contracts, reviews, termination and many more)

To get more information on the above, please contact us at: tjones@thorinsurance.ca or 780 233 0432.

Sample Toolkits: