Cyber: Protection for costs associated with a breach of cybersecurity and confidential information held on your clients.  The two main coverages protect against first-party and third-party breaches:

  • First party: Helps business notify and assist affected individuals following a breach of personally-identifying information
  • Privacy Breach through the inadvertent release of information by theft or employee error. Expenses incurred due to respond to a breach in private information your company holds on employees and clients. Includes forensic, credit flagging, and public relations costs.
  • Damage to Computers and electronic data through a computer attack. Costs associated to; recovery of data, systems repair, loss of business, public relations expenses
  • Third-Party: Costs for defense in

    a suit by a third-party suit or claim arising out of a covered cyber response expense event or network security breach

    • Privacy Breach: electronic theft, physical theft of electronic data, procedural errors, malware, Inadvertent employee or contractor error, and more.
    • Network Security Breach/Failure: Hacking, malicious insider, denial of service attack, viruses, social engineering, phishing, ransomware, spyware

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