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The real cost of managing a vehicle fleet

If you manage your company’s vehicle fleet, you know that it is a major expense.  However, you may not often think about the costs to your business if one of your employees was involved in a collision.  Having vehicles on the road is one of the biggest single safety issues facing many companies today.  It pays to be prepared and have a sound risk management plan in place to help make safety a top priority for your business.

Managing a fleet in today’s legal environment 

With a worldwide increase in litigation, today’s organizations are doing business in a riskier legal environment than ever before. Businesses need to focus on risk management – with an emphasis on safety and prevention – when it comes to reducing legal exposure down the road.  As an owner of commercial vehicles, it’s important to think about the legal responsibilities you have for the drivers of those vehicles.

Owner’s liability

As an employer, you are responsible for the negligence of your employees when they are on the road, as part of their job.  This is known as vicarious liability.  In many provinces, employers are liable for the clean-up costs and fines incurred as a result of products spilled in transit.  It makes good business sense to develop fleet loss prevention strategies that work to reduce your risk.

Avoiding potential liability

There are ways to prepare your business and reduce risk before a problem ever occurs.  If an employee does get into a motor vehicle collision, avoid potential liability by ensuring:

  • vehicles are always properly maintained
  • drivers are well trained
  • drivers are well rested when driving
  • all information relating to the collision is clearly recorded

Documentation is key.  Your records will be used in court as evidence and will play an important role in influencing court decisions and avoiding liability.

Safety on the road – what every driver should know

Developing a fleet safety manual that your employees can reference is a great way to keep safe driving “top of mind”.  Your drivers are responsible for the safety and care of passengers, and all others on the road.

How can THOR help you with you Fleet Risk Management

We believe there is more than just selling you an auto insurance policy that fits your needs; it is about providing you with risk management strategies and toolkits to help manage your exposures.  We’re always here when you need us.

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