Group Benefits


Benefits are a vital part of your business. They touch people’s lives and support the well-being of your employees. We understand the importance of efficiently managing your employee benefits program. Better benefits and benefit programs mean a more cost-efficient business and happier, healthier employees, both now and in the future. At Thor, we provide excellent group benefits that will leave your employees happy. 


There are many different group benefit coverages available to protect your employees against major risks. The main coverages offered include:


Every business faces the risk of unhappy employees. At Thor, we believe one of the best ways for an employer to attract and retain top talent is through a group benefits package. Although money is a significant incentive when hiring, group benefits provide employees with increased mental well-being and help maintain a positive work environment. Group benefits also preserve your employees’ health in the long-term, which will allow you to save money on the hiring process. Finally, benefits will increase employee morale and loyalty, which has been seen to increase employee productivity.

At Thor, we believe in providing your business with a group benefits policy that fits your needs. We provide you with risk management strategies and toolkits to help manage your exposures before a problem occurs. Please click the link to find attached resources that will help you manage your business’s risk.